Father of the Year Program Joins Forces With Diabetes Association

Besides functioning as a partner at the Aesthetic Dentistry Group in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Dr. Nicholas Rauber supports a number of charitable organizations. As a council member of the Father of the Year committee, Dr. Nicholas Rauber assists the organization in working with the American Diabetes Association on raising funds to fight diabetes.

Establishing a partnership in 1999, the Father’s Day/Mother’s Day Council, as it is now known, honors business and community leaders who have made their family a significant part of their lives and have made a commitment to supporting the American Diabetes Association in its quest to find a cure. In 2013, Dr. Nick Rauber’s stepfather, Sid Seruntine, was honored with the Father of the Year Award. A type-1 diabetic since 1993, Mr. Seruntine not only participates in runs and walks for the American Diabetes Association, but also serves as a speaker at many of their functions. Recipients of the Father of the Year Award are the main guests at a formal dinner where family members and friends share photos, videos, and speeches to demonstrate how valuable each honoree’s love and support is in their lives.


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